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Boring Festival celebrated theater, art and music during its first edition in January 2023.

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Boring is a two-days vibrant music, theatre and art festival. The city centre of Haarlem will be the site of the festival. With your wristband you can walk between all the venues with a maximum walk of ten minutes. The venues are open all the time.

The festival is a project between Klein Haarlem and the cultural places of Haarlem: Patronaat, Philharmonie, Frans Hals museum, Teylers Museum, Schuur, Noord-Hollands archief, Vishal and Museum van de Geest. With this festival we want to acquaint the audience with all those cultural places.

Klein Haarlem have made a team of young people who are organizing the festival to break boundaries between culture and nightlife.

They have made an unbelievably diverse program full of various musicians, DJs, theatre makers, choreographers and visual artists. The main course is to show the audience the beauty of all the places. Besides that, we want to surprised them by the program, to see new things and step out of their comfort zone. We try to make this happen by programming a hiphop artist in a museum, by putting an art installation in the middle of a pop venue and by showing a theatre presentation in the attic. This is also the reason why we put the line-up in alphabetical order on our website.

We also create spaces that are safe and recognizable for young, bicultural and LGBTQIA+ people. There are people walking around in blue overalls as point of contact when someone doesn’t feel save anymore. We also create a place with a minimum of noise to recharge yourself. Besides that, there will also be lectures about subjects such as feminism, safety during nightlife, the queer community and much more.

Boring team:

Chantal David Richard (business leader)

Maarten Claus (artistic leader)

Michelle Schreuders (project leader/ marcom)

Esmee Ooms (production leader)

Daan Knijnenburg (music programmer)

Roos Wonders (theatre programmer)

Sim Kaart (branding)

Pepijn Borgwat (visuals)

Chloé Hameleers (volunteer coordinator)


Credits to:

Matya Grabijn (former business leader)

Liza van den Brink (Music programmer)

Flore Kueter (Art curator)

Manon Portos Minetti (Program leider)

Selma Keceli (Production)

Amber Nijsen (Production)