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So that was fun. We’re stoked you came to Boring. And now there’s even more fun waiting for you at all these participating locations.

Check out what you can do with your Boring festival wristband.

€2.50 discount

Visit the Janskerk again, discover our exhibitions ‘Joh. Enschedé. Drukkerij van Waarde’ and ‘De vele gezichten van Vrouwen in Verzet’. Entrance to the exhibitions is free. Receive coffee/tea with a piece of cake with your Boring wristband for € 2.50 in our Archiefcafé. Available until april.


Show your wristband (or a ‘Boring’ selfie) and get a set of postcards of the artworks from De Vishal festival heart!

€5 discount (with a maximum of 4 tickets per order)

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Please be welcome again in Teylers Museum, the oldest museum of the Netherlands. Discover our art, fossils, scientific instruments, minerals and beautiful building by daylight. The discount is available until April.


€10 discount

Patromaatje is the membership for the adventurous music lover. Especially for you, the programmers of Patronaat select more than fifty concerts a year that you can go to, which is a live show almost every week! Members receive a monthly mailing with the up-to-date Patromaatje programme. The selection consists of must-see live acts from home and abroad; for example, Patromaatje members were able to visit Grandmaster Flash, Roots of Heaven Festival, Roosbeef and more in the previous years. Immerse yourself in all new, surprising and adventurous live music in Patronaat!

Send a picture of your wristband to to get access to this deal, available until February 20.

50% discount

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SatisFactory is a play by Booi Kluiving that delves into the world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and the challenges faced by ASMRtists, who create videos that involve whispering, brushing hair, and other sounds to induce a relaxing or tingling sensation in viewers.

The play follows three aspiring ASMRtists, WhisperingWieke, LynnieZ, and Ay_mazing, who sign up for a course called the SatisFactory that promises to turn them into famous influencers. As they strive for more followers and create increasingly sensational content, they begin to suffer the negative effects of their fame. The text also raises questions about the role of algorithms and viewers in shaping the culture around ASMR and whether the ASMRtists are responsible for the negative aspects of this culture.

The Rhythm of the Night - Frans Hals Museum

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