at Philharmonie

Meetsysteem is the pseudonym for Amsterdam based singer/songwriter Ricky Cherim. Born and raised in the Dutch capital, Ricky is a producer, performer who emerged out of nowhere on to the Dutch popscene with his lauded debut album in 2019. He has since then built a reputation as being an eclectic musical artist, that doesn’t shy away from showing his most vulnerable, raw side. As well as being hugely diverse in his musical inspirations, ranging from new wave to Dutch rap to musique concrète, the true power of his music lies in the lyrics, open to multiple interpretations: light and laden at the same time. The multi-instrumentalist has the gift of packing uncomfortable truths in a seemingly euphoric package, simultaneously evoking sadness and comfort. Meetsysteem has found success connecting nightclub culture to mainstream pop culture, allowing ravers to open up and introverts to dance and although singing mostly in Dutch, his music reaches across language barriers with its vibrant character. In 2020, Meetsysteem announces his follow up full length: Cr:GO. With it he delivers 13 new songs to dance and dream to. More recently he has embarked upon a collaboration with Brussels producer/wizkid Victor De Roo, creating a dark and brooding dance six-tracker called “Was het maar niet zo’n feest”.