Federico Murgia


at Patronaat | Boilerroom

Federico Murgia is an Italian multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Haarlem/Amsterdam. He received a BA in Graphic Arts at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, and an MFA in Interactive Media and Environments at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.
Murgia’s background in graphics and drawing has expanded towards more immersive and hybrid practices, exploring the intangible correlations between sonic, luminous and other elements at the edge of the human perceptual envelope. Both in his sculptural and graphical productions, as well as in his site-specific installations and performances, Murgia is particularly interested in evoking unusual and ancestral sensations, triggering sensorial experiences at the verge of transcendence.
He collaborates with scientists, designers, musicians and many other creatives from different disciplines.
His works have been exhibited across Europe in museums (as EYE Film Museum NL, Palazzo Gambalunga IT); festivals (as Dutch Design Week NL, Gogbot NL, Share IT, Waking Life, PT); galleries (as Galerie Reuten NL, Np3 NL, L’ Ariete IT); independent venues (as The Gym NL, The New Current NL, The Drawing Hub DE) and art fairs (Art on Paper NL, The Others IT).

Spectrum Blizzard is a synthetic hallucinatory storm.

Through artificial snow, strobe lights and persistence of vision this installation creates the illusion of a colorful blizzard that mimics the chaos and sublime aspects of a natural snowstorm through artificially controlled snow and light.