Die Hexe by Club Gewalt


at T.B.C.

CLUB GEWALT is a music and theatre collective from Rotterdam. They create and perform their own shows, that always have a musical basis. Fascinated by pop culture and the world of the millennial, they create universes where many forms of art meet; from apocalyptic clubbing to R&B opera’s.


Die Hexe is a theatrical concert by the fake German punk band Herr Hamsterfleisch. In 60 minutes of head-banging punk songs, lyrical rock ballads and absurd activistic performances, the leading lady transforms into the archetype of the witch. And ode to the woman who is hard to love. An ode to the importance of getting angry. A reminder to the necessity to always keep fighting for something that is seemingly obvious, like fucking human rights. 

Herr Hamsterfleisch is a radical feminist alter ego of music and performance collective Club Gewalt, with club member Loulou as virtuous lead. Once inspired by Nina Hagen, they make political “post-prog-punk” songs: Femine, Loud and Extreme. Performed in a made up German-like language and with a lot of noise. So, don’t forget to bring earplugs.