Connor Schumacher/ARK | CLUBINC


Interactive dance gathering

Saturday 20:00

at Schuur | Benedenzaal


Wheelchair Accessible | No entry after start performance

In ClubINC, host Connor Schumacher and eight dancers take you through a whirlwind total experience of connection. 

Using everyone’s knowledge and experience, this performance creates an inclusive world where you are seen, you see others and everyone can participate. Expect fun and vulnerability in an encounter with a group of people who are different from you, or is it you that’s different? We invite you to see them, in an exploration of how together we can fill the dance floor with understanding and appreciation of our differences. A sensational gathering, practicing new skills for life in dance: from opera to techno – let’s go!

There was you 
There was the other 

There was us 

There is the world 

And there is every body in it 


Love is a collaborative work of art: ClubINC