at Vishal

Nina and Laura Philips, Dutch/British twins from Haarlem, combine their acoustic background with cinematic pop tunes and nonchalante beats. Their electronic set has a minimalistic, futuristic feel that makes you want to dance, listen and watch at the same time whereas their acoustic set with dreamy harmonies will give off more of a melancholic vibe.

In 2020 they released two singles, Neon Lights and We from a distance (the title track of the yet to be released acoustic EP). After that, things shifted a bit. “We felt limited in too many ways as musicians so we bought a van and left..” They traveled through Europe which created more space for other things as well as musical inspiration. A creative collective was set up, a collection of poetry written, a jewelery line started and creative freedom was regained. “Now everything is back to normal again we can pick up where we left off, but with new energy and an altered mindset. We ended the 2022 summer with three Lowlands shows so we’re happy with that!”.